In the late 1990’s San Antonio’s growing interest in the sport of Paintball lead to an increasing demand for paintball resources in the area. We sought to fill that void, and, in November 1998, Paintball Mart opened its doors as San Antonio’s first full service retail establishment dedicated to the exciting sport of Paintball. Our commitment shows in that Paintball Mart has now become one of the longest continually run paintball stores in the state of Texas, and after 11 years in business, customer satisfaction is still our #1 priority. We work with a variety of industry leading manufacturers to ensure we stay ahead of the curve on trends and upcoming products so that we can provide you with the latest and greatest gear on the market. We offer an extensive selection of guns and equipment, compressed air or CO2 fills, our certified technicians are highly skilled and available for equipment service, repair, and upgrades.

 As of the summer of 2007 Paintball Mart began carrying Airsoft equipment and supplies allowing us to expand our inventory and services. As always our gun technicians are available to service all makes and models of Airsoft equipment with the highest level of qualifications and expertise. Whether you’re a beginner, recreational, or professional player of Paintball or Airsoft, we invite you to come in and see what we are about!